Dirty Water still after cleaning the ring in my water bottle, or is tap water the problem in Keizer, Oregon?

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Carefully Choosing Words

This is just a simple report that I feel weird in my chest and I will associate it with recently cleaning the gunk off my silicon ring. It was very green and slimy, possibly black mold. I still have some residue left on the ring that seems impossible to clean with just water. I don’t want to corrode the silicon, but I would like it clean like new again.

It took about 20 minutes, but as I sat at the computer, I noticed my heart feeling strained. I just flushed out my celery seeds and refilled the water bottle. So I drank new water and it seems closely tied to my chest acting up in reaction. It feels mild but alarming nonetheless.

Could the Keizer City water be bad? It does taste slightly different compared to Salem. I tastes more like it comes from the lake. I will need to…

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